So, a funny thing happened today

I say funny, if you call spilling coffee all over yourself and everything in a 3ft radius! Not fun. Especially when you’re there for a meeting and want to appear professional. Lucky for me, a kind waitress appeared with a damp cloth, whisked off my now half empty latte cup and got me a fresh one. This got me thinking about customer service, and how good customer service is the life blood of any business.

Fancy schmancy branding is great, memorable slogans are awesome, and who doesn’t love a good deal or a discount? But, what really matters is how you’re treated, right? If you’re feeling a bit anxious, and someone gives you a kind smile it’s reassuring. If you’re not quite sure what to expect, and someone explains things patiently to you and is willing to answer every question, even the questions you didn’t know you want answered it makes you feel better doesn’t it?

This is how I want you to feel about you’re experience with Emvivify. From the first call, to post treatment advice I want you to feel relaxed, reassured and comfortable. I want you to feel fabulous, I want the treatments to be absolutely perfect for you and I want you to remember how good it feels to receive good service and to be Emvivified.

Dystonia & Botox®

If you’ve perused my website you’ll know that my background is in ophthalmology. It’s a speciality I love as there is so much variety. Within ophthalmology sits a small sub speciality of injections of botulinum toxin for dystonia.

You may be wondering why Botox® is being given on the NHS. But, for these patients it is far from a cosmetic procedure. For them it can be life changing (for the better). Dystonia is a neurological condition which causes involuntary muscle spasm, where the messages from the brain to the muscles get confused and fire off unpredictably. When it affects the face it causes frequent blinking and in some instances even lid closure which can affect both eyes (blepharospasm or hemi facial spasm).

As you can imagine, this can make life very difficult. Not only the feelings of isolation and distress this can bring, but also more tangible problems such as risk of falling or being unable to go to work. Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles (in exactly the same way it does cosmetically) to allow patients to have normal life. Some people have dystonic conditions which affect other part of their body too such as torticolis (involuntary neck spasm), mouth and tongue, generalised dystonia, even the voice can be affected. Botulinum toxin injections are very effective however, it can take some time to optimum treatment as dosages start low and build up. Specific muscles in spasm are targeted and injections are tailored to individual need to proved the best results. Regular injections are required and usually are given every 3-4 months.

Botulinum toxin has numerous uses for other medical conditions and these will be covered in another blog.


It’s no surprise really, that more and more of us are keen to turn back the hands of time a little. Most of us want to look good and are always keen to try the latest new “must have” product and see if it works for us. Right?

Same goes for Botox and fillers. No longer just the thing us ladies indulge in though… Oh no! Chances are a guy you know has braved a needle or two in order to look ‘better’. Whether, for them, that means looking younger, brighter or just smoother, they are at it too. Data published in the US suggests more and more men are choosing anti-wrinkle injections and fillers in order to get the look they want, Botulinum Toxin injections ranking the highest procedure at over 3.5 million a year, and fillers over 1.6 million. I’ve tried looking for uk statistics but unsurprisingly there’s very little data to be found.

And why shouldn’t guys go for it? Rylan Clark of X factor fame has had it. Simon Cowell openly admits to giving nature a helping hand, and who can deny he looks pretty good? Ok, some of you might, disagree given his penchant for a chest flash and high waist trousers. But his face looks good. Reportedly Gordon Ramsay has given it a go too following advice from Simon(!?). Ok, so maybe my argument is losing it at this point …… I’ll give you that one! Wayne Rooney has even been subjected to scrutiny after a recent TV appeal causing speculation he’s had Botox to his forehead. So what? It’s his face and he can do what he likes.

Gone are the days where men paid no interest to their appearance or skincare regime. The skincare ranges available for men are ever increasing which is only to be celebrated. It’s only natural they’re going to explore other options in order to achieve the look the want or the face they want to present to the world. And let me just share this with you. I’ve had the most open interest from guys looking for treatment with me. So I know from experience they are more than happy to enhance themselves and feel better in their own skin, and why not?

PS. If you hear Gordon’s looking for new injector send him my way …..

How do you know if it’s right for you?

So, you look in the mirror and wonder if maybe you can give Mother Nature a helping hand ….. Any why not? 30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 20, 50 is the new 20 right? It’s all relative. 40 now, is so far removed from 40 when our grandmothers were young and most of us want to try and delay the signs of time to some extent. Of course, age is a privilege denied to too many, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t celebrate getting older, but there’s no harm in wanting to look good, or should I say, look how makes YOU feel good, right?

You might moisturise, drink plenty of water, eat well and make sure you get plenty of sleep but feel it isn’t quite doing it for you. What’s a girl (or guy!) to do? You don’t really fancy anything as extreme as cosmetic surgery …….. At this point many consider dipping a toe in the pool of anti wrinkle injections (“Botox” to the masses) and fillers. But how do you know if it’s right for you, or safe come to that?

Treatments should be carried out by a qualified health care professional with a recognised qualification (i.e. A doctor, Nurse or Dentist) and registered with the appropriate professional body for their profession. They should also be trained to deliver all the treatments they are offering. Ask for proof. A good practitioner won’t mind at all and will be more than happy to show you the relevant documentation, and discuss their experiences.

The practitioner should also have suitable insurance to protect you in the event of any unforeseen problem (although, they should also have robust risk assessments in place!).

A full consultation should be carried out prior to any treatments, to identity your needs and highlight any risks you should be aware of. They shouldn’t pressurise you into anything and be guided by what you want, but offer explanation as to whether this is realistic or not. There should be a follow up appointment after the treatment and they should offer you written information in order for you to know do’s and don’ts in case you forget what they have told you.

It goes without saying that the practitioner should show exemplary hygiene practices too, such as wearing gloves whilst doing treatments and disposing of the used needles in the correct way.

Finally, pick someone you feel comfortable with. You’re letting this person loose with your face! You want to look great, so you should feel great with your choice of practitioner.

And I’ll leave you with this thought ……….

You can’t have all 3!!