Your Skin & You

We all have skin. All of us. Some of it might be different textures, some different colours, some tighter than others. But we all have it.

Did you know it’s the biggest organ of the body? Crazy huh. You think of hearts/lungs or kidneys as organs but not skin. The stuff that envelopes us, holds our internal organs in and keeps the baddies out barely gets a second thought. It’s deluged each and every minute of each and every day and we don’t even notice, until it stops performing. Then we notice. It’s as if now and again our skin has a tantrum and says “Hey you, yes you gorgeous, how about thinking of me for a change?!? Huh? How about it.” We might slap a pair of gloves on if we are cleaning something particularly icky, or slather some moisturiser on our face each night. But do we really think how amazing it is? Think of all those nasty pollutants, chemicals and bugs wafting about in the air. We breeze though the world with barely a second thought. Like the fact I learned as a young girl (it might not be a real fact but I like it), that daddy long legs are the most poisonous spiders ever. However, they can’t puncture our skin with their fangs. Win to skin! It lends itself to personal art work in the way of tattoos. Win to skin. It tells a story of our lives with scars and lines. Win to skin! Cut yourself opening an envelope? It heals itself and you would never know it had been injured. Win to skin!

I could go on. But you get the idea.

Skin, love it, look after it and be proud of it.

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