Emvivify is a clinic in Christchurch offering anti wrinkle injections and fillers, professionally and discreetly to men and women. It is owned by Emma, a qualified Advanced Nurse Practitioner and independent prescriber.

We pride ourselves on offering individualised service to our clients, explaining various treatment options and tailoring these to your specific needs. A complimentary consultation is offered prior to any treatments being carried out to ensure you are comfortable with your decision to have treatment and offer you the opportunity to discuss any questions you might have without obligation.  We are fully insured with Hamilton Fraser who are recognised insurers of cosmetic practitioners.


Emma Whittingham

Adv Dip, BSc (Hons), MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner. Independent Prescriber.

Over 13 years nursing experience in ophthalmology treating emergency eye problems. Emma is experienced in treating patients with botulinum toxin injections for dystonia (a neurological conditions causing involuntary muscle movement) affecting the face and so is knowledgeable of the facial muscles and effects of the treatment on these. Emma prides herself on being conscientious and professional at all times, and will always endeavour to make sure you understand the procedures and are completely happy with any results.

Emma is also a keen baker, so you may get lucky and be offered cake with your coffee during your consultation!

To contact Emma or to find out more about the treatments available, please do get in touch!