Your Skin & You

We all have skin. All of us. Some of it might be different textures, some different colours, some tighter than others. But we all have it. Did you know it’s the biggest organ of the body? Crazy huh. You think of hearts/lungs or kidneys as organs but not skin. The stuff that envelopes us, holds […]

Dystonia & Botox®

If you’ve perused my website you’ll know that my background is in ophthalmology. It’s a speciality I love as there is so much variety. Within ophthalmology sits a small sub speciality of injections of botulinum toxin for dystonia. You may be wondering why Botox® is being given on the NHS. But, for these patients it […]


It’s no surprise really, that more and more of us are keen to turn back the hands of time a little. Most of us want to look good and are always keen to try the latest new “must have” product and see if it works for us. Right? Same goes for Botox and fillers. No […]